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Below are links to other organizations committed to honoring South Carolina's military and history.


General William Westmoreland

Born in South Carolina in 1914, General William C. Westmoreland was the Supreme Commander of U.S. troops in Vietnam from 1964-1968. The Museum is honored to possess one of the largest collections of General Westmoreland's personal items and effects, including his four star flag when he was later appointed Chief of Staff of the Army. Visit the Site

National Guard Association of SC

The NGASC is the professional voice of the SC National Guard's soldiers, airmen, and veterans. Its mission is to represent and protect the interests of our nation's defense and the citizen-soldier's role thereto. This means zealously advocating for the Guard at both the State and federal levels. It also means keeping every member well-informed and up to date regarding any news / developments pertaining to their welfare. Visit the Site

SCNG Federal Credit Union

The overall goal of SCNGFCU is to answer the financial needs regarding members and veterans of the South Carolina Army and Air National Guard. A non-profit organization committed to the philosophy of "people helping people", the Credit Union currently serves over 6,000 members worldwide. Its mission is to provide the SC National Guard family with financial products and services in a safe and sound environment in a continuously changing world. Visit the Site

South Carolina Air National Guard

Formed in 1946, the South Carolina Air National Guard ("SCANG") has evolved into one of the premiere Air Guard units in the country. Spearheaded by the elite 157th Fighter Squadron (aka the "Swamp Foxes"), the SCANG consists of more than 1,500 airmen who work and drill at McEntire Joint National Guard Base. The base is located approximately 12 miles east of Columbia and encompasses 2,400 acres. Visit the Site

South Carolina Army National Guard

The South Carolina Army National Guard ("SCARNG") serves as a force multiplier for the U.S. Army and includes such vital functions as signal, engineering, MP, AAA, and infantry support. The SCARNG is also on the frontlines of disaster-preparedness and represents the State's first line of defense / response to civil unrest and natural catastrophe. The SCARNG further possesses a significant aviation element that encompasses a wide range of rotary craft such as the massive Chinook helicopter and the deadly AH64 Apache "flying tank." Visit the Site

South Carolina Emergency Management Division

The mission of the SCEMD is to develop, coordinate, and lead the State's emergency management program. In so doing, the SCEMD enables effective preparation for, response to, and recovery from natural and technological disasters in order to save lives, reduce human suffering, and minimize property loss. Visit the Site

South Carolina State Guard

The South Carolina State Guard ('SCSG') is the true modern day descendant of the volunteer militias that once defended the colony and the State of South Carolina. Today, the SCSG acts in a support role for the SCNG, law enforcement, and various other State, county, and municipal agencies during times of emergency. Despite being an all-volunteer force, the State Guard is still part of the South Carolina Military Department and therefore under the direction of the Adjutant General. Visit the Site
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