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SCCMAerialViewMonetary Donations

Donations are welcomed and can be sent securely using our PayPal link below.  We also have donation boxes located throughout the Museum.  NOTE: You don't have to have a PayPal account to donate.

Donations of Artifacts

Please contact our office at 803-299-4440 to make arrangements to bring your artifact(s) into the Museum at which time a donor-receipt form will be filled out. Within a reasonable length of time, the Registrar will catalogue the item(s) and mail a donor receipt for tax purposes. While the Museum does not generally accept loans, the Director may authorize such on a case by case basis.

Memorial Brick Garden Program

Brick Garden

A great way to support the South Carolina Military Museum is via its Commemorative Brick Garden Program. Located between buildings one and two, the Brick Garden features a water fall fountain, greenery, and rows of engraved bricks containing the names of loved ones, current military personnel, veterans, and various businesses that support the Museum's mission.

You can take part by purchasing one or more 4x8 bricks and having an individual's name inscribed thereon. What better way to commemorate that special person in your life than having his or her name showcased for generations to come. And what better way for a business to support South Carolina's military tradition than sponsoring an institution devoted to preserving this distinguished heritage.

If interested please click on the link below and mail the form to the South Carolina Military Museum. Thanks for your support!

pdfCommemorative Brick Garden Form


Other Ways to Support

Palmetto Colonel InsigniaWebThere are also other ways to support the South Carolina Military Museum. First and foremost is becoming a member of the Museum and being commissioned as an honorary officer in the Order of Palmetto Captains or the Order of Palmetto Colonels. As a Captain or Colonel, it's your duty to aid the Museum in collecting and preserving artifacts that color South Carolina's illustrious martial tradition. This means not only financial support, but also actively promoting the Museum and serving as a goodwill ambassador on its behalf.

Another great way to show your support is by sponsoring one or more of our exhibits and displays. The Museum has many to choose from, dating back as far as 1670 – when the colony of Carolina was founded – to the Guard's current operations around the globe. Indeed, our entire collection is available thereby enabling you to tailor your sponsorship to your interests. Wish to sponsor the Swords of South Carolina Exhibit? Or how about a one-of-a-kind H-13B "Sioux" Helicopter? The choice is completely yours!

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WWI Barbed Wire Cutters
WWII Combat Jacket
WWII Mae West Life Vest
WWII German Uniforms (Enlisted or Officer)

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